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What To Bring

Residents are welcome to bring in furniture such as dressers, television stands, or armchairs provided that they do not overcrowd the room and hinder access to the room or the resident in any way. Environmental or nursing staff will advise on furniture placement and accessibility guidelines. The Villa retains the right to refuse any item which may present a fire hazard and/or unsafe condition.

In keeping with Ministry regulations, window coverings made with approved fire retardant fabrics will be supplied by the facility. No substitute or alternative curtains will be allowed in any resident rooms.

Residents are encouraged to bring a comforter and items such as pictures to make their rooms homelike and comfortable. Please tell our nursing staff if you wish to have an item hung on the walls and staff from our environmental services department will be by to assist. All of these items must be clearly labeled with the resident’s name.
Note: Magic Bags or grain-filled bags of any kind will not be permitted.

Residents may bring in televisions*, radios, lamps, fans, electric clocks, etc. Our environmental services staff must verify that each appliance and power bar brought in is CSA approved before these can be used in the resident’s room. In the event that an electrical appliance is brought in after regular business hours, it is to be left at the nursing station. Staff will inform maintenance staff the next day that the item requires inspection.

The following electrical appliances cannot be used in resident rooms:

  • Hair dryers
  • Bar refrigerators
  • Humidifiers
  • Plug-in coolers
  • Extension cords
  • Heat generating appliances (e.g. electric blanket, heating pad, curling iron, kettle, coffee maker, toaster, heater, etc)

Villa St Gabriel Villa is not responsible for loss or damage to resident belongings. It is the resident’s responsibility to arrange for tenant liability insurance.
* Televisions cannot exceed 32” in size. Effective October 1, 2013, residents must supply a stand or piece of furniture to support the television since wall-mounted televisions are not allowed.

Please ensure that all clothing is machine washable if the facility is to care for it. The following are suggestions for clothing for residents:
  • Six full changes of seasonally appropriate daytime clothes (including undergarments)
  • Six changes of sleepwear
  • Six pairs of cotton socks with no tight elastic at the top

  • Footwear with non-slip soles
  • Seasonal outdoor clothing (i.e. hat, coat, gloves and boots)
All resident clothing must be labeled with the resident’s name. Proper labeling ensures that clothing laundered by the facility is returned back to the right resident (within 48 hours of it being sent to be laundered).

Upon admission, all resident clothing should be given to the nursing staff who will ensure the clothing is sent to the laundry department for labeling. The same procedures applies as new clothing is acquired (e.g. around birthdays and Christmas time).

Personal laundry is done by St. Joseph’s Villa staff. Some fabrics, however, are not appropriate for our central laundry facilities.

Services We Provide

  • Toiletries
  • Medical care and supervision / Foot care services
  • Accommodations for couples
  • Nursing and personal care 24 hours a day

  • Lounges with fireplaces., TV’s and DVD’s for residents to enjoy with their family and friends

  • Therapeutic programs such as, physical therapy and exercise

  • Recreational and social activities also special seasonal celebrations

  • Spiritual and religious care activities and services

  • 3 meals and 3 snacks daily. Dietitian assessment and therapeutic diets prescribed by registered dietitian

  • Housekeeping services / labelling for resident clothing

  • Linens and bedding, laundry services

  • Resident and family councils

  • Trust account banking services

  • All resident rooms and common areas are fully air-conditioned

Telephone, Cable and Internet Services

Telephone, cable and internet services are unfunded services. Charges will be added to the Resident’s monthly invoice. There will be no additional charges should a Resident transfer rooms within Villa St. Gabriel Villa.
* all prices quoted below are inclusive of applicable taxes

Telephone service consists of a telephone and local access. Access to long distance services must be requested. Long distance charges will be itemized and added to the monthly invoice. The costs for telephone service are listed below:

  • Telephone $25.00 (per month)
  • Call display $8.98 (per month)
  • Voicemail $7.91 (per month)
  • Long Distance (upon request)
  • Hook-up fee $25.00 (one time)

Cable service consists of Basic/Favourite TV Package through the Cable Service Provider. There will be a one-time charge of $14.00 for the purchase of a HDMI cable. You have the option of providing your own HDMI cable should you not wish to purchase from the home. The costs for cable are listed below:

  • Cable $44.00** (per month)
  • Hook-up fee $25.00 (one time)

**Additional cable programming channels or tiers are available through the cable company but additional charges for cable boxes, installation, additional channels would apply and would be billed directly to the Resident by cable service provider.

Internet service consists of Wireless Internet Access

  • Wireless Internet $9.95 per month

Admission & Rates

Villa St. Gabriel Villa offers three levels of accommodation ranging from Basic to Private. The cost associated with accommodation is covered by a combination of funding. The Ministry of Health and Long Term Care (MOHLTC) provides funding for long-term care facilities and established minimum and maximum accommodation rates. These rates are subject to annual review and revision by the Ministry of Health and Long Term Care (MOHLTC). Persons occupying a basic accommodation may qualify for a subsidized rate. Determination is made upon admission.

The Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care sets accommodation rates. Please click on the link below to view the latest rates:

Application for admission into a government regulated Long Term Care Home is made through your local Community Care Access Centre. For more information regarding the admission process please click on the link to our local Community Care Access Centre:

Resident Council

Any and all residents at the Villa have the right to be, and are encouraged to be, members of the Residents’ Council. Relatives of residents and other resource personnel attend only at the invitation of the Council.

The Villa has a Residents’ Council. This council, which is made up of residents living at the Villa, meets monthly and is assisted by the on-site Chaplain. Relatives of residents and other resource personnel attend only at the invitation of the Council.

The purpose of the Residents’ Council is to:

  • Provide a forum for the residents to have input and to advocate on their collective behalf concerning the operations of the Villa;
  • Provide the residents with a voice in decisions that affect them and their quality of life at the Villa;
  • Establish two-way communication between the residents and the Villa staff, and to establish a formal mechanism whereby Residents’ Council concerns are communicated to administration for intervention and resolution; and
  • Promote and encourage activities directed at the provision of quality care and quality of life for residents.

Residents with specific individual concerns should speak with the Villa staff and/or administration directly.

The executive of the Residents’ Council is elected annually by Council participants. Minutes from the most recent meeting are posted publicly in the Town Square and Open Forums are held when necessary to solicit further input from residents.

For more information about Residents’ Council, please contact the on-site Chaplain.

More Information

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