Quality Improvement Plans (QIP)

ECFAA, passed in June 2010, laid the foundation for a health care system that is patient-centered, focused on accountability and transparency, and committed to improving the quality of care Ontarians receive. The government’s commitment to quality improvement applies to all health care sectors to share in the commitment to quality health care where the needs of patients/clients/residents come first.

While ECFAA provided the foundation for excellence, Ontario’s Action Plan for Health Care, which was released in January 2012 by the Minister of Health and Ministry of Long-Term Care, built on this foundation, providing an ambitious blueprint for health system transformation that involves all health care partners and providers.

Quality improvement is an ongoing priority that helps us continually find new and better ways of doing things so that we can enhance care for patients/residents, increase satisfaction, and achieve better clinical outcomes.

Villa St. Gabriel Villa’s QIP includes a brief overview of our indicators, highlighting and listing our facilities top priorities for the year and some of our corporate improvement targets and initiatives. It also includes a core set of indicators that similar facilities across the province are working on.

Click the links below for the Quality Improvement Plan and Narrative:

Continuous Quality Improvement Initiatives 

The Fixing Long-Term Care Act, 2021, requires each long-term care home, as part of its continuous quality improvement program, to prepare an interim report on the continuous quality improvement initiatives that the home is currently working on and post this report to its website.

Below is our interim report for this year: