French Language Services at Villa St. Gabriel Villa

Recognizing the official status of two linguistic groups in the City of Greater Sudbury area and believing that residents derive unquestionable benefits in being able to communicate in their own language with those who take care of them; in December 2011, Villa St. Gabriel Villa applied for and received a full French language designation.  This became part of the French Languages Services Act on December 16, 2013. Designation in French Languages Service Act

As a long-term care facility that is accountable to the community we serve, it is important for Villa St. Gabriel Villa to provide its French-speaking population with access to a full range of quality care and services in French.

To date Villa St. Gabriel Villa has implemented the following:

  • All information to the public is available in both English and French simultaneously.
  • All forms and consents for resident use are available in a bilingual format.
  • Communication with the public are available in both official languages, depending on the target group.
  • Designated educational material is available in French.
  • Public, staff and resident oriented signage, interior and exterior, is bilingual.
  • The quality of French Language Services is monitored through the existing quality assurance processes
  • Residents or families requesting French Language Services are identified by the indication of language of preference during the Admissions Process.
  • To ensure permanency of French Language Services, steps for recruitment, hiring and staffing of bilingual personnel at all levels has been incorporated into our Human Resources Policy.
  • Correspondence is answered in the official language in which it is received.
  • Villa St. Gabriel Villa uses the MOHLTC funded translation service or other qualified services for all its translations.
  • French-speaking staff or volunteers answer the phone in a bilingual manner. Voice mail greetings for French-speaking staff are bilingual.
  • Signs are in strategic areas throughout the facility to inform of the availability of French Language Services.
  • The working language of Villa St. Gabriel Villa, for purposes of charting, business records and formal staff communications, is English.
  • Staff is encouraged to take advantage of French language training opportunities when available.