Good afternoon

With the increasing cases of COVID-19 in the community, and recently released guidelines from Public Health Sudbury and District (PHSD), I would like to take this opportunity to speak to you about the Christmas season at the Villa.

We have seen baked goods and tins of treats being dropped of for our staff to enjoy at the neighbourhood level. Unfortunately, such items are considered finger food and present an infection control concern given that many hands take part in the selection of the food over the various shifts. It also encourages removal of masks in the neighbourhood to take part in the treats- something which we do not permit staff to do, unless in a designated break area off the nieghbourhood and physically distanced 2 meters apart. We would ask that families do not bring in such items for staff.  This season is also know for the gift of floral arrangements. Please note that we do have a scent free policy and we have several staff that have allergies or are extremely sensitive to fragrances, with some being allergic to poinsettias. Please refrain from bringing in or having floral arrangements delivered to the Villa.

Just a reminder regarding the protocols for visits with residents:

–  only 4 persons per resident are permitted to visit at one time
–  masks must be worn at all times by all visitors for the entire visit
–  those essential caregivers who are not fully immunized must also where a protective isolation gown and ensure their visit is held solely in the resident’s room
–  general visitors who are not fully immunized are not permitted to visit residents
–  no food or drink can be consumed by any visitors during visits as this will require the lowering or removal of masks
–  general visitors may only visit with residents within the resident rooms
–  any non-compliance with any of the above will be addressed accordingly and those in non-compliance may be asked to leave the premises

PHSD has just released the following guidelines to the Sudbury Long Term Care homes for residents leaving the home to spend time with family:

Provide education to residents and families who are taking residents outside the home for attendance at social events including:

  • Limiting the number of participants at the event to only those who are essential
  • Limiting the duration of the event, or the length of time the resident attends the event
  • Ensure everyone attending self-screens and stays home if symptomatic (with even one mild symptom)
  • Ensuring everyone who attends the event is fully immunized
  • Encourage mask wearing and maintaining physical distancing especially if there is anyone in attendance whose immunization status is unknown/non fully immunized.

o          If wearing masks, ensure that the resident can maintain physical distancing when removing masks for eating or drinking.

  • Ensuring everyone attending the event has access to hand hygiene supplies, assist the resident in performing hand hygiene often and as necessary.
  • Cleaning and disinfecting/sanitizing shared spaces and equipment frequently and thoroughly (washrooms and food preparation/eating utensils)
  • Open windows to encourage ventilation when climate appropriate.
  • Consider the resident’s virtual participation if there is any question as to the ability for them to attend in person safely.

 In the interest of utmost safety for our residents, please ensure to follow the recent guidelines for hand hygiene, masking, physical distancing, community gatherings and activities by the PHSD and please pass the information above on to other family members and friends of our residents.

I want to thank you all for your continued support and patience during this fourth wave for our residents and staff alike.

Have a good weekend,

Ray Ingriselli
Site Administrator
Villa St. Gabriel Villa