Two CARF International surveyors visited St. Joseph’s Villa on October 29 and 30, 2015.  The purpose of their visit was to observe us in action, review our documentation and conduct interviews with our staff members, patient, families and partners.  In doing these things, our surveyors were able to evaluate how well we meet specific standards for quality, resident-centred care, governance and administrative practices.

St. Joseph’s Villa chose to continue along the accreditation journey because doing so demonstrates that we are continually working to improve the quality of our programs and services and are committed to the satisfaction of the residents we serve.

Thanks to all your hard work, the surveyors gave us top marks for having:

  • a total focus on resident centeredness with a family-like environment
  • an exemplary quality framework and process
  • strong volunteer and infection control programs
  • excellent staff at all levels with a strong team approach and a positive energy exuded by all staff.

Now that the accreditation visit is over, CARF International will review the findings to make an accreditation decision.  They will notify us of their decision by sending us a written report in early January. The written report, in addition to the decision, will highlight our strengths and identify areas for improvement.

Once the report is received, we will share the results with staff, residents, families, partners and the community at large.

Thank you and congratulations on a successful accreditation visit!

Jo-Anne Palkovits

Cake_SJV Accreditation