Strategic Directions 2019-2024

 1. Focus on Customer Service

We will:
• pursue additional rehabilitation beds and become Sudbury’s designated rehabilitation hospital
• establish and implement a coordinated Dementia Strategy across the organization
• develop a Transitional Care Unit to assist individuals moving successfully from hospital to home

2. Lead in Quality Care & Safety

We will:
• promote quality of service delivered for our residents and patients
• develop strategies to reduce physical / emotional harm in the workplace

3. Inspire & Value Our People

We will nurture a culture to:
• enhance recruitment and retention of front-line staff
• establish and implement a Leadership Development Strategy within St. Joseph’s Health Centre
• continue to cultivate an organization that promotes teamwork, compassion and our core values

4. Optimize Resources

As accountable stewards of the resources available to us we will:
• maximize efficiencies and make wise choices based on our Mission and Values
• explore and implement revenue generating opportunities
• optimize digital health strategies in the best interests of our patients and residents

5. Partner With Purpose

We will lead in collaboration with our community and system partners to:
• expand our non-acute mandate within the local continuum of care
• establish a Village of Care on the St. Joseph’s Health Centre site
• play a leadership role in advancing the Laurentian Research Institute in Aging (LRIA)
• improve awareness and visibility of St. Joseph’s Health Centre in the community by showcasing successful partnerships and collaborations

For a copy of our Strategic Directions 2019 – 2024 click link below: