Student Placement Opportunities

St. Joseph’s Health Centre outreaches into the community to facilitate secured partnerships with educational institutes from both Secondary and Post-Secondary Colleges and Universities across Ontario, and the Northern Ontario School of Medicine, in the facilitation of teaching that supports learning opportunities in the community.  We encourage students to fulfill their educational needs in clinical and non-clinical onsite practicum placements.  We welcome a variety of disciplines in the belief that these educational opportunities support and improve the quality of life and care for resident and patient well-being.

St. Joseph’s Health Centre welcomes student applications from a variety of programs.

Please click on the link below to view a list of some of the programs that we currently work with:

These educational agreements and experiences build relationships within our communities, schools and programs in co-facilitating students in new hands on learning experiences.

Building Partnerships and Community with Secured Academic Agreements.

There are many benefits to partnering with us for your educational placement experience:

  • Complete your mandatory onsite practicum requirement
  • Document experience for potential future employment or references for further expansion of academics
  • Opportunity to work alongside a diverse multidisciplinary team of health care professionals
  • Opportunity to experience practical hands on learning applications and in the field training
  • Opportunity for an intergenerational exchange
  • Opportunity to enrich your life and the life of others

How To Apply for a Student Placement

If you share our values of Service, Integrity, Dignity and Excellence, please feel free to connect with Volunteer Services to learn more about our Student Placement opportunities:

Phone: 705-674-4447 ext. 1330