Ways to Donate

All funds raised for, and on behalf of St. Joseph’s Villa, St. Joseph’s Continuing Care Centre and Villa St. Gabriel Villa, and known to be of a charitable nature are administered through the St. Joseph’s Foundation of Sudbury.

What constitutes a donation or gift:

The following are deemed as recognizable donations or gifts that will be receipted:

  • Gifts of cash that are $ 10.00 and over.
  • Gifts-in-kind.  Acceptable donations will be valued at fair market value. Gifts-in-kind values at  $ 10.00 or more will be recognized.
  • Bequests.  Bequests are recognized at the time they are received, not at the time they are described in the will of a prospective donor.  Donors who wish to receive recognition for bequest-type contributions are encouraged to establish some form of non-revocable planned gift.  (ie. Non-revocable trust)
  • Pledges.  Pledges are recognized for their annual payment only.  The total pledge is recognized in the year that final payment is received.
  • Other.  This category includes sponsorships and third party events that result in additional revenue for the St. Joseph’s Foundation.

Make a donation to our expansion that will include 36 rehabilitation beds:

Lasalle building rendering
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St. Joseph’s Health Centre has received approval from the province to build a $20-million expansion that will include 36 rehabilitation beds for older adults in its first phase. The second phase will include another 36 beds for a total of 72.

The new expansion, which will be located on Lasalle Boulevard, is meant to replace a temporary set-up at the city’s Clarion Hotel, where there are 60 beds for alternate level of care (ALC) patients.

The province will cover 90 per cent of the cost for the project, but we need to raise $2.5 million to cover costs for the remainder of the first phase.

This much-needed project will mean older Ontarians in Sudbury and the northeast can receive the rehabilitation care they need in the right place in their communities. The ultimate goal for the project is for patients to eventually be discharged back to their homes once they’ve gotten the rehabilitation they need.

This fundraising campaign which also includes 50/50 draws requires community support to bring this project to fruition.

You can make a donation through the following link:

Click Here to Make a Donation to The St. Joseph's Foundation

For information on making a contribution to the St. Joseph’s Foundation of Sudbury, please call:  705-674-4447