June 2015

“Let me begin by saying that this is a long overdue letter to you and your wonderful staff at St. Joseph’s .

I arrived on your doorstep the first week of August, in pain and with apprehension, not knowing what to expect. And as the days rolled into months, I knew that I was in the best place for me.

Every person who I was in contact with helped in my recovery. Sometimes I had to be pushed, but that was always done with words of encouragement and a smile.

There are so many people who were there to make me better and I must begin with Louise and all the medical staff who put up with me all that time. They were there with a sympathetic understanding  of my pain, and a kind word. That meant so much to me.

Next comes Linda’s staff of Stephanie and Jasmine. Oh my, did they have their work cut out with me. We developed a great relationship, and we spent a great deal of time together, but each day I became more mobile. I owe them so much.

Kim and Dom were there patiently getting me organized for kitchen and bath duties, and all the rules are embedded in my brain.

To Jennifer and Lorna who looked after me for my meals, you both do such a great job and have quite a bit of patience. My thanks.

Now I come to Pastoral care who were generous with their time and the memorial service that I was able to be part of, left me speechless and awe struck .

And now to Lupita and Heather. What can I say about these two ladies? I always looked forward to seeing them come into my room to tidy up and listen to their words of encouragement. And never did I see them without a smile.

I hope that I have not omitted anyone, and if I did, please forgive me.

To “all”of you, I send my heartfelt thanks. I am sure there were times that I did not cooperate, but you sent me out walking again. Without you, I don’t know if this would have happened.

Would you please see that these special people get this.

Again, this comes from the heart, my sincerest gratitude to all.

As always,”

Shirley Newell

September 2016

“St. Joseph’s Continuing Care Centre was a welcome change for us.  The nurses, physios, social workers, recreation, kitchen staff, housekeeping and everyone were wonderful.  The healing garden was so special and Pat enjoyed it so much.  Pat was not there to rest all the time, he had to work with the physiotherapists and the nurses.  I was there every day to make sure he did his job and to encourage him that all of his hard work would eventually bring him home.  I could see improvement every week, he started getting out of bed by himself, he always went to the dining room for his meals.  He was in a wheelchair and then graduated to a two wheel walker and later to a four wheel walker.  This took a lot of work on Pat’s part and the staff.  St. Joseph’s Continuing Care Centre has given Pat a new lease on life, now it is up to him to continue what he learned from your staff.  Thank you – thank you from the bottom of our hearts.”

Pat and Isabel Scott

Monday, May 15, 2017

“To the caregivers at St. Joseph’s Continuing Care Centre,

My dad Bernie will be leaving your place this week on Tuesday morning.  It’s been about three months! My thanks to all of you who work together tirelessly as a team, dietary staff, nursing staff, front desk people and other administrative staff, those who clean and wash, who deliver IT services, volunteer, coordinate special events like Pet Day, provide spiritual care, and other precious people I might have missed, you are so appreciated!  Dad was in good hands all the way, he belonged to your community, you accepted him, you took him in, you cared for him, and he felt loved.  On behalf of my mother, my wife, and myself, I want to express our gratitude for the best experience my dad could have ever received away from home. 


Daniel Roy

October 2015

“The Legault Family could not say enough about the excellent care you gave their mom. Thank you so much for looking after this beautiful lady.”

In Memory of Adriana Legault

From John Randall