Services and Amenities

Café and Vending Machines

SJV Cafe View 1The St. Joseph’s Health Centre Auxiliary Café is non-profit with the exclusive purpose of raising funds for projects that benefit our residents and patients.

South Bay Site
The South Bay site Café is located in the lobby of St. Joseph’s Villa. The café is accommodated through Volunteer Services and the St. Joseph’s Health Centre Auxiliary.

Hours of Operation
Monday to Friday 0900 hours to 1500 hours. Closed on weekends.

Vending Machines
Vending machines, offering a variety of snacks and beverage, are located in the SJV lobby.


Healing-Garden-2The Healing Garden at St. Joseph’s Villa and St. Joseph’s Continuing Care Centre has approximately 3800 square feet of gardening space.

These garden spaces are filled with native trees and shrubs and perennials, medicinal plants and herbs, fruit bearing trees, tasty vegetables, colourful annuals and bulbs and other interesting vegetation. A water garden and bird sanctuary are also featured within the garden space. The garden beds have allotted space where residents can plant and tend to annuals, vegetables, herbs and bulbs.


SJV Chapel View 2St. Joseph’s Continuing Care Centre has access to a chapel.  The Chapel is located on the main floor adjacent to the Town Square at St. Joseph’s Villa.  Everyone is welcome to attend services or to use the chapel for private prayer and reflection.  Roman Catholic liturgies and inter-denominational worship services are scheduled on a regular basis.

The Chapel is available to everyone, including patients, families, staff and volunteers from the St. Joseph’s Continuing Care Centre, twenty-four hours a day for quiet reflection and prayer.   Seasonal multi-faith worship services are held throughout the year.  They include the annual Service of Remembrance and our facility-specific anniversary events.

A celebration of the Eucharist (Roman Catholic) is conducted on a regular basis at a time appropriate for patients, and staff.

Hairdressing Salon

SJV Hair SalonHairdressing services are available every Tuesday from 9:30 am to 4 pm for St. Joseph’s Continuing Care Centre patients at the hair salon located in the Town Square (reception area – Level 1) next to the Café at St. Joseph’s Villa.

A referral for patients who would like to have hair care can be completed on-site and forward it directly to the Hair Salon or connect with the Hair Salon by phone at:

(705) 674-4447, ext. 1360.

Laundry Services

St. Joseph’s Continuing Care Centre will provide patients with the opportunity to process their own laundry to enhance the level of services provided by the facility, specifically regarding laundry services. The enhancement of laundry services will promote independence, and individual satisfaction as a domestic routine is reintroduced as an activity of daily living.

A domestic washer and dryer are located in the Hub area across from the Therapy Room allowing patients to access the equipment in order to perform personal laundry tasks.

Patients must enrol in the program through the Unit Assistant and comply with the laundry program and schedules.

  • Laundry must be done in a timely manner according to the allocated time slot to avoid delays for other patients.
  • Patients and escorts will be required to bring laundry to the Hub in a laundry bag obtained from the unit linen supply.
  • A cart can be made available to assist this process if required.