Referring a Patient

St. Joseph’s Continuing Care Centre offers three care streams: Assess and Restore Unit, Geriatric Rehabilitation Unit, and the Medically Complex Unit. Please refer to the links for each individual program to determine which one is most appropriate for your patient.

We are committed to working with healthcare professionals and referring agencies to ensure a smooth referral and admission process. To have your patient considered for admission, submit an application for your patient by completing an SJCCC Cluster 3 Inpatient Rehab/CCC Referral Form and a completed SJCCC Consent Form. As indicated on the last page of the referral form, additional medical and/or allied health documentation may also be required to support the application. The complete package can be faxed to 705-662-7521. Our Patient Flow Coordinator will review your application and notify you within two business days of decisions concerning your application.

If the application is accepted, you will be informed by fax that your patient will be added to the waitlist. As soon as a bed is available you and/or your patient will be contacted to arrange admission. Please indicate on the application if the bed offer should be made to the patient or substitute decision-maker with their contact information.

Please call our Patient Flow Coordinator at 705-674-2846, extension 1015 if you have any questions about referring your patient.