Mission, Vision, Values

Our mission, as a Catholic health care organization, emphasizes the qualities of compassion, human dignity, and social responsibility in caring for the whole person. St. Joseph’s Continuing Care Centre will lead in facilitating the integration and expansion of services providing continuing care beyond the moment.

St. Joseph’s Continuing Care Centre of Sudbury is Northeastern Ontario’s only continuing care hospital offering specialized care programs for medically complex patients whose condition requires a hospital stay and regular onsite physician care. The goal is to achieve high levels of medical recovery and active rehabilitation so that patients can transition to lower levels of care or back to the community.

St. Joseph’s Continuing Care Centre is sponsored by the Catholic Health Sponsors of Ontario (CHSO). The purpose of CHSO is to preserve and enhance the Catholic health care ministry. Through all of its operations, St. Joseph’s Continuing Care Centre is committed to serving the community by providing programs and consultation in continuing care. Its programs and services reflect the Catholic tradition and values, and address the needs of patients and their caregivers.

Our Mission

As a Catholic organization, we faithfully continue the healing Mission of Jesus, and respond to the needs of the whole person-body mind and spirit.

Our Vision

Enriching Quality of Life

Our Values

Illustration of the four healing hands representing the values
We respect the inherent dignity and worth of every individual. We communicate openly with each other and provide honest feedback. We provide recognition -formal and informal- to individuals and work groups for their contributions. We believe that all creation should be held in reverence and that life is sacred in all its moments. We demonstrate a caring manner and respect the dignity of all.
We expect accountability for excellence in performance and adherence to professional and organizational standards. We pursue excellence in the care of the whole person. We work together to be effective and efficient in the use of resources and to provide a safe environment. We measure and continually improve quality in everything we do.
We respond to the needs of the whole person – body, mind and spirit. We foster an environment characterized by hospitality, trust and a spirit of community. We design our organizational systems to ensure that they meet the needs of those we serve. We will use our resources to responsibly serve the health needs of society. We are energized by an atmosphere of joy, mutual respect and compassion to find better ways of serving.
We function ethically, with integrity, honesty, fairness and confidentiality. We recognize that individual, institutional and societal interests are often in tension; we strive to discern how the good of the whole can best be served. We collaborate with other providers to improve health services. We develop a work environment that rewards mutual respect, free exchange of ideas, dedication, innovation and teamwork. We work together in a spirit of mutual support as we carry out our mission.