Access To Information

Under the Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act (FIPPA), anyone may request to see or get a copy of the information in our custody or control. This type of request is referred to as a request for access to information.

Before you request access to information, please browse the resources below:

How to Request Access to Information

Look over our documents:

These tools will help you understand the types of records we keep.

Learn about the Fees that apply to requests for access to information.

Download and print our:

Complete the form in its entirety, taking care to print clearly.
Be as specific as possible when describing the records you are looking for.  If the scope of your request is clear and narrow, we will be able to answer your request more quickly and it will cost you less.
If you are unsure how to describe the information you are looking for, our Freedom of Information Coordinator will be happy to help you.

Submit your signed request form and the required $5.00 fee by either delivering it by hand or mailing it to:

Freedom of Information Coordinator
St. Joseph’s Continuing Care Centre
1140 South Bay Road
Sudbury, ON  P3E 0B6

Requests received by electronic mail are not accepted.
The $5 fee is payable by cash or cheque payable to St. Joseph’s Continuing Care Centre.

When we receive your request, we will:

  • Call you to better understand what you are looking for (unless we’ve already spoken with you in person or the request is already clear); and/or
  • Send you a letter confirming that we’ve received your request and that we understand what you are looking for. The letter will also explain how long it will take to process your request (usually within 30 days) and describe the processing fees that might apply.

We will search for the information you have asked for.

We will review the information we have collected before sharing it with you.  This is because FIPPA gives us the right (and sometimes the obligation) to deny or limit access to specific types of information. To help you learn more about the types of information we may not grant access to, we have developed a resource called Exclusions and Exemptions.

We will make the decision whether or not to share the information.
If no exclusions or exemptions apply, we will share the information.
If an exclusion applies, we are unlikely to share the information.

If an exemption applies we will either:

  1. Decide not to share the information with you; or
  2. Decide to share some of the information with you (this means that we will black-out the information that is exempted).

We will share our decision with you in a letter.  The letter will explain in detail how we came to our decision.  A bill for the processing fees, if applicable, will be attached to the letter.

You are required to pay the bill for the processing fees before we release the information to you.  Once we have received payment, we will either give you the information in person or send it to you by courier.

If you are not satisfied with our decision, you have 30 days to request a review by Ontario’s Information and Privacy Commissioner.

Information and Privacy Commissioner/Ontario
2 Bloor Street East, Suite 1400
Toronto, ON  M4W 1A8

How to Request a Correction to Personal Information

If we have given you access to your personal information and you believe there is an error or omission within it, you may ask us to correct the information. We are happy to correct errors or omissions in the factual information we have about you. We cannot, however, change or remove opinions or observations made in good faith.

Our procedure for making a request for correction is outlined below.

Fees That Apply to Requests for Access to Information

When submitting a request for access to information, you are required by law to pay a $5 fee. There is no waiver for this fee even if the record cannot be released or does not exist. Other processing fees can also be charged.  The type of processing fees that can be applied depends on the kind of information you are requesting.

Click links below for more detailed information about Fees:

Exclusions and Exemptions

FIPPA gives you the right to request to see or get a copy of, information in our custody or control.  FIPPA also gives organizations like ours the right (and sometimes the obligation) to deny or limit access to specific types of information.   These types of information are called exclusions or exemptions. This information is intended to help you understand what exclusions and exemptions are and how these might affect whether you are given the information you are requesting. 

Click links below for detailed information about Exclusions and Exemptions:

Directory of Records and Retention Schedule

To view our Directory of Records and Retention Schedule for St. Joseph’s Continuing Care Centre click on the following link:

Personal Information Banks

The information below summarizes all personal information under the institution’s control which is organized or intended to be retrieved by an individual’s name or by an identifying number or symbol.

The content within the Personal Information Bank can be found at the following:

Statement of Information Practices

The Personal Health Information Protection Act is a law that protects your personal health information.  This law requires us to keep your personal health information safe and secure and gives you certain rights and choices about how we use and share it.

Please see our Statement of Information Practices here:

Website Privacy

We are committed to protecting the privacy of our website visitors.  By accessing and using this site, you signify your consent to the terms of this Website Privacy Statement.

Click link below to view:

Important Information

Important information for anyone who has ever had a business relationship with St. Joseph’s Continuing Care Centre of Sudbury

On January 1, 2012, Ontario’s Freedom of Information & Protection of Privacy Act (the “Act”) will apply to information held by St. Joseph’s Continuing Care Centre of Sudbury (and all other public hospitals in Ontario).  The Act gives anyone the right to request access to information that came into the control or custody of the hospital after January 1, 2007. This means that if you have provided or submitted a proposal related to a contracted service for the hospital at any point since January 1, 2007, information related to that contract or proposal may have to be released to a person who is requesting them.

To help you better understand what this might mean for you or your business, we’ve provided answers to frequently asked questions below.

Make a Freedom of Information Request

If you would like to make a freedom of information request, please send your

and $5 administration fee to:

Freedom of Information Coordinator
St. Joseph’s Continuing Care Centre
1140 South Bay Road  Sudbury, ON  P3E 0B6

We welcome your questions and comments about access to information.
Please direct these to  FOI Coordinator @ (705) 674-2846 or email to