Maurice Bourdon being presented plaque OLTCA winner Decemebr 2018
Mr. Maurice Bourdon with Site Administrator Roger Leveille

Each year the Ontario Long Term Care Association awards a lifetime achievement award to a member at each of its homes.  The award is bestowed on an individual who has made remarkable accomplishments and outstanding contributions to society, their community and/or their long-term care home.  Congratulations to Maurice Bourdon on being selected St. Joseph’s Villa’s recipient.

Mr. Bourdon, although he would tell you otherwise, has contributed to improving life for all residents who call St. Joseph’s Villa home.   Mr. Bourdon sits on the Recreation Committee, a committee that raises funds and steers facility recreation programs. This past year Maurice has accepted the role of Resident Council Chair.  He has had great suggestions and his council and leadership skills are evident as he is able to guide a wide variety of resident discussions.  He is very passionate about bettering the rights of residents who require long-term care.

Besides the good work Mr. Bourdon has started at St. Joseph’s Villa since his admission in 2017, Mr. Bourdon had previously worked as a high school teacher, shaping the minds and impressions of thousands of students throughout his career.  He was nominated by two of his previous students for being an outstanding teacher when he was teaching at Timmins High and Vocation school.  He also received an award for Member of the Year for his contribution to the Timmins Alzheimer’s Society.

Thank you Mr. Bourdon for all that you do to improve the processes and quality of life for those living at St. Joseph’s Villa.  Congratulations Maurice on this achievement.