“Almost everything will work again if you unplug it for a few minutes.” — Anne Lamott

Internal Updates

Surveillance Swabbing

SJCCC and the Clarion site continue to swab weekly.  Please ensure to check your email for the date and times of the swabbing clinics so you do not miss the times and days at your site.

We have moved to antigen testing at our Villa sites on March 1, 2021.  At these sites we are swabbing every day.

Please remain vigilant and immediately self-isolate and report any symptoms consistent with COVID-19 infection to your immediate supervisor.


Many of our staff were vaccinated at the Community Vaccine Clinic at the Carmichael Arena last week on Thursday and Friday.  Thank you to all staff who made appointments and went for their vaccines.  We are one step closer to helping eliminate the COVID-19 spread.

New vaccination clinic dates are being released by the Sudbury and District Public Health Units.  Please ensure to check your email daily for information on the upcoming clinics as time is of the essence to make appointments before the cut off times.

If you are wavering or still have questions about the vaccine, please speak with your Supervisor who can direct you to where you can access the answers you are looking for.   You are encouraged to get the vaccine in order to protect not only yourself but also your loved ones, particularly those who are older and our patients and residents.


Provincial Update

As of March 3, 2021, in Ontario, the cumulative total of confirmed cases is 303,763 which is an increase of 958 – this includes 286,352 resolved cases and 7,014 reported deaths.

Northern Ontario Active Cases

  • Algoma Public Health – 5 (Yellow Zone)
  • North Bay Parry Sound District Health Unit – 5 (Stay-at-home order)
  • Northwestern Health Unit – 480 (Yellow Zone)
  • Porcupine Health Unit – 15 (Orange Zone)
  • Sudbury & Districts Public Health Unit – 98 (Orange Zone)
  • Timiskaming Health Unit – 2 (Green Zone)
  • Thunder Bay District Health Unit – 374 (Grey-Lockdown)


Local Update

Health Facilities in outbreak:

  • Sudbury Developmental Services
  • The Walford

Schools in outbreak:

  • Lo-Ellen Park Secondary School
  • Algonquin Public School
  • Jean Hanson Public School
  • Lasalle Secondary School
  • Cyril Varney Public School

HSN is reporting no confirmed COVID-19 cases.

In Closing…

As the COVID-19 pandemic continues, it prolongs the need to maintain physical distancing practices in tandem with adherence to lockdown protocols restricting in-person interactions in order to prevent and mitigate the spread of the virus. While these measures help to keep our communities, families and workplaces safe, it brings with it unique challenges such as loss of routines, isolation fatigue and loneliness. In the face of these challenges, it is even more important for us to practice self-care strategies and to nurture the positive relationships and connections in our lives.

Traditions are important – you are reminded to keep to your routines, as much as you can; keep exercising; and celebrate with friends and family virtually.

Collectively we need to remain vigilant and not let the spread of COVID-19 get out of hand.

Thank you for all your hard work and efforts this past week.  Please continue to be patient and kind to one another.


Staying Healthy and Staying Safe, Safe Lives!

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