Leo and Violet Prevato

“We wish more people knew about the great work that you do.” – Leo and Violet Prevato

Rehabilitation at St. Joseph’s Continuing Care Centre provides the key to go home.

Violet Pevato suffers from Rheumatoid Arthritis, a condition which can immobilize her. In fact, at one point, she literally could no longer walk. following an emergency sty in hospital, Mrs. Prevato was referred to the St. Joseph’s Continuing Care Centre in order to commence rehabilitation in the Assess Restore Program.

“The process begins right away,” stated Violet Prevato, who is now happily living at home with her husband Leo. Upon her admission, a plan of action was put into place immediately and a team of nurses, recreational therapists, occupational therapists and physiotherapists collaborated together in order to plan Mrs. Prevato’s rehabilitative goals. After approximately two months of therapy, Mrs. Prevato was ready to go home. “In preparation for discharge, staff from the SJCCC came to my home in order to assess my needs. They made recommendations and offered suggestions for both Leo and me. This was very helpful and provided us with the tools we needed to support me at home.”

When asked about the over-all experience, Mrs. Prevato simply stated, “It was just wonderful. It was excellent.” Mrs. Prevato, a former nurse herself, credits the intensity of the programming and the staff’s high level of quality care for her successful rehabilitation. “I definitely recommend the SJCCC as a first-choice option in our community.”

St. Joseph’s Continuing Care Centre, on South Bay Road in Sudbury, is northeastern Ontario’s only continuing care hospital (64 beds) offering slow-paced rehabilitation programs for patients whose conditions prevent participation in an intensive rehabilitation environment. The goal is to provide active rehabilitation so patients can transition to lower levels of care or back to independent living in the community or their home.

In addition to the Assess and Restore Program, the SJCCC also offers a Geriatric Rehabilitation program. This is a slow-paced rehabilitation program that provides specialized geriatric rehabilitation for frail older persons who cannot tolerate the intensity and frequency of regular stream rehabilitation program and require inpatient therapy and management of geriatric conditions that threaten an older individual’s ability to return to independent living in the community. This past year alone, the SJCCC has discharged a total of 250 patients from its programs.

“We are pleased that as an organization, we have been able to step up to the plate in order to assist in meeting the unmet needs of the community. The Board and Staff have shown initiative in addressing the challenge by continuing to work with the Sudbury health care system to develop programs that benefit some of our most vulnerable citizens while at the same time assisting to alleviate the pressures of the ALC situation,” says Jo-Anne Palkovits, President and CEO of St. Joseph’s Health Centre.

For more information or to find out how you can be referred to one of the programs at St. Joseph’s Continuing Care Centre, please contact: 705-674-2846, or the Northeast Community Care Access Centre at: 705-522-3460.