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Resident Bill of Rights

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La Déclaration des droits des résidents renforce le fait que les personnes vivant dans des établissements de soins de longue durée devraient pouvoir jouir des mêmes droits que les autres personnes vivant de façon autonome au sein de la communauté.

La Déclaration des droits des résidents est affichée à la Place publique et est aussi décrite ci-après.

  1. Le résident a le droit d’être traité avec courtoisie et respect et d’une manière qui tient pleinement compte de son individualité et respecte sa dignité, sans violence émotionnelle, verbale ou physique.
  2. Le résident a le droit d’être protégé contre les mauvais traitements.
  3. Le résident a le droit de ne pas faire l’objet de négligence de la part du titulaire de permis ou du personnel.
  4. Le résident a le droit d’être convenablement logé, nourri, habillé, tenu et soigné, d’une manière correspondant à ses besoins.
  5. Le résident a le droit de vivre dans un milieu sûr et propre.
  6. Le résident a le droit d’exercer ses droits civiques.
  7. Le résident a le droit de savoir qui est responsable de ses soins directs et qui les lui fournit.
  8. Le résident a le droit à son intimité dans le cadre de son traitement et de la satisfaction de ses besoins personnels.
  9. Le résident a droit au respect de sa participation à la prise de décision.
  10. Le résident a le droit de garder et d’exposer dans sa chambre des biens, des images et du mobilier personnels, du moment qu’il respecte les exigences en matière de sécurité et les droits des autres résidents.
  11. Le résident a le droit :

Resident Handbook

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Spiritual / Religious Care

The SRC department of Villa St. Gabriel Villa values compassionate and holistic resident and family centered care. We recognize, respect and respond to the diverse spiritual and religious needs of all residents and their families. The goal of the department is to ensure that all residents, families, staff members and volunteers at Villa St. Joseph’s Villa are supported and assisted in maintaining his/her preferred spiritual and religious observances, practices and affiliations.

Our SRC Mission Statement is to provide Spiritual and Religious Care to people of all faiths, beliefs, and cultures; serving the whole person (body, mind and spirit) committed to living the values of: 

integrity, dignity, respect, accountability, compassion and excellence.

We also offer the Guardian Angel program for residents who become palliative during their stay at Villa St. Gabriel Villa.  This program is a unique program designed to assist the resident and their families during the end stages of palliation.

Calendar of Services… Information to follow….

Life Enrichment Programs

Each resident comes to us with a unique life story, interests and needs. The Life Enrichment Department recognizes this and develops programs to meet individual and group needs in the physical, cognitive, social and emotional domains. The goal of the department is to incorporate restorative care into all activities and programming by empowering and engaging residents as active participants in their leisure pursuits. Through assessment, Life Enrichment Assistants identity each residents’ interests, strengths and abilities to ensure leisure fulfilment through personal meaningful activity, and optimal physical well-being through strengthening and range of motion exercise classes. Activities are offered 7 days a week, on holidays and include a variety of day and evening programs as well as a number of monthly outings. The department works closely with Volunteer Services, facility Chaplain, Registered Social Worker as well as the Physiotherapist and Physiotherapist Assistants to develop a holistic, personalized plan of care for each resident.

Example Life Enrichment Programs:

  • Physical: Strengthening and range of motion exercise classes, walking groups, bocce, bowling, curling, and one-to-one physical programming.
  • Cognitive: Bingo, mind joggers, trivia, reminiscence, technology-focused programs, horticulture and art programs, cooking and baking, Montessori and sensory programs.
  • Social: Happy hours, live entertainment, intergenerational, neighbourhood teas, seasonal celebrations, Recreation Committee, Skype, dining clubs and community outings.
  • Emotional: Spa programs, pet visits, I-pod program, movie days and additional music programs.

Make a Wish Program

VSGV Make-A-Wish program

Zero Tolerance

Villa St. Gabriel Villa (VSGV) is committed to promoting a zero tolerance of abuse or neglect of its residents.  The mission and values of the Villa set standards of behaviour for all those people who choose to live or work in our home.  In its commitment to zero tolerance of abuse or neglect, VSGV strives to provide a safe, healthy and supportive environment for all.

Residents will be free from abuse by staff, volunteers, visitors and other residents.  Each resident has the right to raise an issue and be assured of a full, equitable investigation in the event of resident abuse or neglect.

Any employee or volunteer who witnesses, or becomes aware of, or suspects resident abuse shall report it immediately to the Director of Care/Administrator/delegate (e.g. RN in Charge during off hours), who will ensure a thorough and confidential investigation is initiated.

Any employee accused of resident abuse has the right to a thorough and fair investigation.  Employees who abuse a resident will be disciplined up to and including dismissal.

Any resident complaints regarding separate issues will be investigated under the resident complaint process as described below.

Feedback, Compliments, Complaints

We Care What You Think brochures are located in the lobby at Villa St. Gabriel Villa. These forms give you the opportunity to recognize someone for great work, or to offer a suggestion for improvement. These forms can be left in the suggestion box in the lobby. Feedback is brought to the most appropriate manager to review and follow up.

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