Good afternoon everyone

There has been significant changes to the Ministry of Long Term Care Directives for Long Term Care homes in Ontario in response to the Omicron variant of COVID-19 and the significant increase in COVID-19 cases province wide. Please read the new requirements carefully and please pass on this information to family members and friends so that they are aware of the new requirements for vaccination, visitation, and resident absences from the home.

Surveillance Testing

  • The Villa will test all fully vaccinated staff, students, volunteers, and caregivers, at minimum, 2 times per week, in addition to existing testing requirements for those not fully vaccinated.
  • General visitors / support workers, regardless of vaccination status, require proof of negative test upon entry, taken the day of the visit, or on a previous day.
  • Testing not required for infants under one year of age.


  • Effective December 15 at 7pm, general visitors who are not fully vaccinated cannot enter the long-term care home. Please note that this was put in place on November 30 at the Villa.
  • Effective December 20: To gain entry to the home, essential caregivers must show proof of their first dose as of December 20th and by February 21, 2022 to show proof of all required doses. **Caregivers designated after December 14th are required to be fully vaccinated to gain entry to the home.

Visitors (general visitors and essential caregivers)

  • Up to two people per resident at a time only (includes essential caregivers). All visits must take place within the resident room only. Exception is only made when assisting with feeding in the dining room.
  • Children over the age of 1 who are not vaccinated are not permitted to visit
  • Residents can designate a maximum of two caregivers (unless more than two caregivers were already designated prior to December 14th.

Activities (communal dining, social activities)

  • Cohorting of residents for high-risk activities (singing, dancing etc.) and dining.
  • Large group social activities are discouraged.
  • Performances/entertainers permitted in adherence to visitor requirements regarding testing and vaccination.

Absences/Admissions/ Transfers

Day absences

  • Day absences for social purposes are permitted for fully vaccinated residents only.
  • Essential, medical and compassionate and palliative absences are still permitted, regardless of vaccination status

Overnight absences

  • Overnight absences for social purposes are being suspended, regardless of vaccination status.

Requirements upon return/admission/transfer to home

  • Day absences:
    •  Actively screen residents upon return;
    •  Rapid test and PCR test on day 3 following absence, followed by a PCR test on day 7. No isolation is required unless positive result is received.
    • If known exposure to a case, PCR test on day 1 and day 7 and isolate until a negative result is confirmed from day 7.
  • For all return/admissions/transfers from another healthcare facility that is not in an outbreak:
    •  If asymptomatic and fully vaccinated and no known exposure to a case, do PCR test prior to admission or on arrival at the LTCH, with isolation until a negative test result is received.
    • Do enhanced symptom screening on admission and twice daily for 10 days following the return/admission/transfer.
  • For all other return/admissions/transfers to the home (not including day absences):
    • A PCR test is required prior to admission or on day 1, and on day 7. Isolation is required until a negative result is confirmed from day 7 (the test prior to admission is only valid the day of, or from the previous day).
    • Do enhanced symptom screening on admission and twice daily for 10 days following the return/admission/transfer.


  • All individuals must be screened prior to entry into the home.
  • Once daily symptom screening is required for residents in the home unless requirements related to return/admissions/transfers apply.

Should you have any further questions or concerns. Please feel free to reach out.