Friday, January 29, 2021

Good afternoon

We have seen a significant spike in COVID-19 cases within our community and we felt it only appropriate to send this message out today.  This is a reminder to our essential visitors and families to continue to practice the recommendations set forth by the Ontario government during this lockdown period. Please only venture out in the community for essentials for daily living, do not travel outside of the region, practice physical distancing, wear your mask, practice good hand hygiene and do not congregate in groups outside of your household. Following these measures will ensure that we are all doing our best to keep our residents and staff safe to the best of our ability.

Our staff and essential visitors are required to wear masks and eye protection at all times when in the facility and residents are reminded to wear a mask during care and when exiting their room where tolerated. In this respect, we have had instances where essential caregivers have been seen not wearing their eye protection and mask consistently and appropriately when visiting their loved one. Visitors not adhering to the proper wearing of masks and eye protection will be approached by staff and Administration to ensure compliance. Continued non-compliance will result in the suspension of visiting privileges. Visitors are not permitted to eat or drink during their visit as this would require them to remove their mask which is contrary to the protective equipment requirements.

Vaccines will be rolled out soon to our residents. The consent process has been completed for them and we are well prepared for the administration of the vaccine when we receive the call from Public Health Sudbury and District. Public Health Sudbury and District will be coordinating and assisting the Villa with the vaccination process and essential caregivers will be notified of the dates and times so that they may be present to support their loved one should they feel the need to do so. The date for vaccinations for staff and essential caregivers is still unknown at this point but we are preparing by gathering consent forms for both groups. According to Ontario Health, it is expected that the essential caregivers will receive their vaccination after staff have received theirs. As we get closer to the time for vaccination more information will follow in this respect.

Attached you will find the consent form required to be completed should you be an essential caregiver who wishes to be vaccinated. Please complete the form fully and completely and drop it off at the facility to the attention of Lisa Lamontagne, Assistant Director of Care. For those who need any assistance with the form or would prefer to fill it out on site, they are located at the Reception desk and we would be happy to assist with the completion of the form.

I want to thank you for your continued support for our residents and staff and thank you in advance for ensuring you do your part in keeping healthy and safe and, in turn, keeping our residents safe.

Have a good weekend

Ray Ingriselli

Site Administrator

Villa St. Gabriel Villa