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Staff Vaccination Incentive at St. Joseph’s Health Centre – It’s Win – Win!

Media Release:  September 2021

As an incentive to increase staff vaccination rates at all of its sites, St. Joseph’s Health Centre held a raffle whereby the names of fully vaccinated staff were entered into a draw to win $500 in cash.

The lucky winners were:

Laura Ross, St. Joseph’s Villa
Michelle Mayer, Villa St. Gabriel Villa
Aseem Khajuria, St. Joseph’s Continuing Care Centre
Carli Derochie, St. Joseph’s Health Centre

Roger Leveille and Laura Ross

Roger Leveille, Site Administrator & Laura Ross

Michelle Mayer & Ray Ingriselli

Michelle Mayer & Ray Ingriselli, Site Administrator

“We are fortunate and proud that the majority of our staff are fully vaccinated. We must continue to be diligent and to urge everyone to get vaccinated” said Jo-Anne Palkovits, President and CEO. “As we head into the peak of the 4th wave, we must be pro-active. Please continue to physically distance, to wash your hands and to wear a mask in public.”

Carli Desrochie & Kari Gervais

Carli Desrochie & Kari Gervais, VP Clinical Services & Chief Nursing Officer

Kari Gervais & Aseem Khajuria Staff Vaccination Incentive

Kari Gervais & Aseem Khajuria

According to Public Health Sudbury & District, as of September 6, 2021 84.6% of residents (12+) have received their first dose and 77.6% are fully immunized. Provincially, these figures are 83.6% and 77.1% respectively. Let’s continue this momentum! Get vaccinated today!

Tanya Gil-Alfau
Executive Assistant & Board Liaison

What a Ride! Wishes Come True at St. Joseph’s Villa!

Media Release:  September 2021

Staff of the Harley Davidson Shop and St. Joseph’s Villa; the Freedom Riders
Sudbury Bike Nights and chauffeur Pat Severin
Jim with Suzanne Gaudreault and the A&W Bear

Pictured left to right:  Staff of the Harley Davidson Shop and St. Joseph’s Villa; the Freedom Riders, Sudbury Bike Nights and chauffeur Pat Severin;  Jim with Suzanne Gaudreault and the A&W Bear.

Jim Oman was the 2021 Make a Wish winner of St. Joseph’s Villa. He was nominated by the staff on his floor to have his wish of going for one more ride in a motorcycle come true. Community volunteer Pat Severin heard about Jim’s wish through social media and readily offered to take Jim out for a spin.

As part of the wish he visited the Harley Davidson Shop to prepare for his big day where he was spoiled. On the day of his ride the Freedom Riders Motorcycle Association of Northern Ontario, Inc. (Sudbury) as well as Sudbury Bike Nights joined in with Jim, Pat and members of the GSPS Traffic Management Unit for a ride through Sudbury. They finished their ride at A&W, where A&W owners Suzanne and Paul Gaudreault treated everyone to a cold root beer and a special treat for Jim.

The staff of St. Joseph’s Villa, as well as Jim himself were humbled by the enormous support the community of Sudbury offered to make these two days extra special for Jim.

Ride Hard, Live Free Jim!

Media Contact:
Tanya Gil-Alfau, Executive Assistant
705-674-2846 ext. 2104

September 7th, 2021|St. Joseph's Health Centre News, St. Joseph’s Villa News|

Sisters of St. Joseph of Sault Ste. Marie (SSJSSM) Awards – 2021- St. Joseph’s Villa, Sudbury

The President/CEO of St. Joseph’s Health Centre Jo-Anne Palkovits hosts a celebration of the 16th annual Sisters of St. Joseph of Sault Ste. Marie awards for excellence. This award is given by peers in recognition of their colleagues.

September 7th, 2021|St. Joseph’s Villa News|

St. Joseph’s Villa Celebrates Another Centenarian!

Media Release:  August 2021

100th Birthday Celebration

From top left to right: Roger Leveille, Site Administrator & Jo-Anne Palkovits, CEO
Bottom left to right:  Frank Mallett, Son; Winita Mallett, Centenarian & Linda Mallett, Daughter

Happy 100th Birthday to Winita Mallet who tuned 100 years old on August 3rd, 2021.

Winita is one of the original residents of St. Joseph’s Villa having moved in shortly after the Villa opened in December of 2003.  Winita’s children, Frank and Linda were on hand to celebrate as well as a small group of other family and residents.

Staff shared that turning 100 had been a long-standing goal of Winita’s that she spoke of often.  Son Frank attributed her longevity to the excellent care provided at St. Joseph’s Villa throughout the years and was grateful for the opportunity to gather and celebrate this remarkable milestone.

Happy Birthday Winita!

August 5th, 2021|St. Joseph's Health Centre News, St. Joseph’s Villa News|

Honouring the Ashcroft Family for their contributions to St. Joseph’s Health Centre

Media Release:  July 26, 2021

Honouring the Ashcroft Family

Left to right: Margaret Ashcroft, Celia Teale, Chair – St. Joseph’s Foundation
Jo-Anne Palkovits, CEO – St. Joseph’s Health Centre

The St. Joseph’s Health Centre Board of Directors and the St. Joseph’s Foundation Board of Directors chose to honour and recognize Jim and Margaret Ashcroft and their family for their many contributions to the organization over the past decades.

“Today is a very special day for St. Joseph’s Villa. It is a day to say thank you to Margaret and Jim Ashcroft and their family for their on-going collective generosity over the years to St. Joseph’s Health Centre of Sudbury and the previous Sudbury General Hospital and to honour the memory and legacy of Jim Ashcroft” stated Jo-Anne Palkovits, President and CEO/Administrator.

In a small and physically distanced ceremony which was held at St. Joseph’s Villa, Margaret Ashcroft was surrounded by her sons, Mark, Brendan and Andrew, along with their families to celebrate this momentous occasion.

The Ashcrofts have been long-time supporters of St. Joseph’s.  Jim Ashcroft was a St. Joseph’s Health Centre Board member from 1987 to 1989. He was also an integral member of the Board’s Building and Property Committee as well as a member of the St. Joseph’s Foundation from 2000 to 2010.

Margaret Ashcroft was as a Board member on the St. Joseph’s Health Centre Board of Directors from 1994 to 2005 and again from 2008 to 2013.  In that time, she served as Board Chair from 2001 to 2005.  Margaret also joined the St. Joseph’s Foundation Board in 2005 and remains a dedicated member to this very day.

Jim and Margaret Ashcroft were not the only family members to support St. Joseph’s.  Their son, Mark Ashcroft, is working on the Caring Beyond Capital Campaign to raise much needed funds for St. Joseph’s Villa.  Over the past several months, Mark Ashcroft has secured over $500,000 in donations towards this campaign.

“Over the past several decades the Ashcroft family were not only dedicated volunteers, they were and continue to be true ambassadors and devotees who donated over $200,000 to the St. Joseph’s family.

In honour of their generosity, the St. Joseph’s Villa Healing Garden was named The Jim Ashcroft Family Healing Garden.

The healing garden promotes activities, encourage interactions, and provides enhanced well-being for our residents, family members, volunteers friends and staff of St. Joseph’s Villa.  The health effects and benefits of this healing garden serve to enhance the quality of life for all, and for this, we are truly thankful.

Left to right front row: Margaret Ashcroft, Sr. Bonnie McLellan, General Superior – Sisters of St. Joseph of Sault Ste. Marie, Jonah, Mallory, Sloane, Evie, Mark Ashcroft, Celia Teale, Jo-Anne Palkovits. Back row: Andrew, Annie, Jake, Jennifer and Brendan Ashcroft

Information: Tanya Gil-Alfau, Board Liaison
705-674-2846 ext. 2014