LTC Public Reporting


St. Joseph’s Villa is dedicated to being transparent and accountable to it’s residents and their families as well as to prospective residents and the general public. As such, information relating to quality performance is regularly made available through the Ministry of Health and Long Term Care.

St. Joseph’s Villa – Public Inspection Reports

St. Joseph’s Villa is regularly inspected by the Ministry of Health and Long term care to ensure compliance with legislation governing long term care homes.

To review the reports from these inspections please use the following link:

St. Joseph’s Villa – Quality Indicator Reports

Quality Indicators are measures that describe how well something is performing. St. Joseph’s Villa regularly conducts assessments on it’s residents, from these assessments information pertaining to quality indicators is provided to the Ministry of Health and Long Term Care for analysis and review.   The Ministry of Health and Long Term Care in turn shares the results of certain quality indicators with the public.

Please visit either of the following websites to find more information on quality indicator reports for long term care.