Media Release:  August 2021

100th Birthday Celebration

From top left to right: Roger Leveille, Site Administrator & Jo-Anne Palkovits, CEO
Bottom left to right:  Frank Mallett, Son; Winita Mallett, Centenarian & Linda Mallett, Daughter

Happy 100th Birthday to Winita Mallet who tuned 100 years old on August 3rd, 2021.

Winita is one of the original residents of St. Joseph’s Villa having moved in shortly after the Villa opened in December of 2003.  Winita’s children, Frank and Linda were on hand to celebrate as well as a small group of other family and residents.

Staff shared that turning 100 had been a long-standing goal of Winita’s that she spoke of often.  Son Frank attributed her longevity to the excellent care provided at St. Joseph’s Villa throughout the years and was grateful for the opportunity to gather and celebrate this remarkable milestone.

Happy Birthday Winita!