Ways to Donate

All funds raised for, and on behalf of St. Joseph’s Villa, St. Joseph’s Continuing Care Centre and Villa St. Gabriel Villa, and known to be of a charitable nature are administered through the St. Joseph’s Foundation of Sudbury.

What constitutes a donation or gift:

The following are deemed as recognizable donations or gifts that will be receipted:

  • Gifts of cash that are $ 10.00 and over.
  • Gifts-in-kind.  Acceptable donations will be valued at fair market value. Gifts-in-kind values at  $ 10.00 or more will be recognized.
  • Bequests.  Bequests are recognized at the time they are received, not at the time they are described in the will of a prospective donor.  Donors who wish to receive recognition for bequest-type contributions are encouraged to establish some form of non-revocable planned gift.  (ie. Non-revocable trust)
  • Pledges.  Pledges are recognized for their annual payment only.  The total pledge is recognized in the year that final payment is received.
  • Other.  This category includes sponsorships and third party events that result in additional revenue for the St. Joseph’s Foundation.

You can make a donation through the following link:

Click Here to Make a Donation to The St. Joseph's Foundation

For information on making a contribution to the St. Joseph’s Foundation of Sudbury, please call:  705-674-4447

Make a donation to the Caring Beyond Capital Campaign:

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For information on the Capital Campaign Program click here