“Blessed are those who have not seen and have yet believed.” – John 20:29

Easter will be very different once again this year. While it still falls on Sunday, April 4, as scheduled, but with physical and social distancing recommendations still in place and COVID vaccine distribution still in progress; Easter church service, family Easter games and Easter dinner will not look the same as they have in years past.

While vaccines are being distributed (and some of you and others within your household might have been vaccinated) you might be tempted to celebrate Easter like you used to.   However please Remember that not everyone in your circle is fully vaccinated so precautions are still necessary for everyone’s safety.

Please Celebrate your Easter wisely so that everyone remains healthy and safe!

Internal Updates

Facility COVID Outbreaks

Villa St. Gabriel Villa – A COVID outbreak was declared on March 12, 2021.  Updated communication is being circulated as it arises to all staff, residents, and family members who work, reside or attend at VSGV.  To date there have been 15 positive cases – 6 residents, 8 staff and 1 caregiver.

PCR testing has been scheduled and continues to occur at the facility every 4 days.  The testing will continue until the outbreak is declared over by Public Health Sudbury District.

Additional agency staff from outside our catchment area were secured and deployed last week to assist with the outbreak.  We are very grateful that our local health system partners have also stepped up to assist us during this time.

I personally want to thank all VSGV staff very much for your ongoing dedication and incredible efforts since the declaration of the outbreak.

You are all heroic warriors of this fight as you each navigate through your day protecting our residents, visitors, and staff.

It truly takes a special person with generous compassion to do this work, but to do so in the face of Covid, is amazing.


Surveillance Swabbing

SJCCC and the Clarion site continue to swab weekly.  Surveillance swabbing information is provided via email to all staff.  Please ensure to check your email for the date and times of the swabbing clinics and the updated COVID-19 Virus Test Requisition form to be completed.

Rapid antigen testing continues at SJV Villa site.  Swabbing is occurring daily.  Please see your email for additional communications regarding antigen testing at your site.

Please remain vigilant and immediately self-isolate and report any symptoms consistent with COVID-19 infection to your immediate supervisor.


On March 25, 2021, Sudbury & District Public Health announced additional vaccination clinics for those individuals 75 and older within the community.  Our Public Health Unit has moved into Phase 2 of the vaccine roll out.

Due to the extent of the outbreak at VSGV, PHSD has indicated that they will be coming to VSGV on Friday April 2nd to provide the first vaccine to all staff and essential caregivers.  I would ask ALL staff to please book an appointment and to please get vaccinated.  To do so please phone Tanya at 705-674-2846 ext. 2104 on Wednesday or Thursday between 800 and 1600.  You may also request an appointment by email at covidshot@wp169139.wpdns.ca

Vaccines are safe, effective and the best way to protect you and those around you from serious illnesses like COVID-19.

Vaccines work with your immune system so your body will be ready to fight the virus if you are exposed. This can reduce your risk of developing COVID-19 and make your symptoms milder if you do get it.

Please consider getting vaccinated – it is critical to protecting yourself, your loved ones, and our most vulnerable individuals from COVID-19. Each additional person vaccinated brings us one step closer to eliminating COVID-19 from our facilities and our community.

Federal Update

As of March 30, 2021, across Canada, the cumulative total of confirmed cases is 971,715 of which 45,208 remain active.  To date there are 22,900 deaths recorded.

Provincial Update

As of March 30, 2021, in Ontario, the cumulative total of confirmed cases is 347,570 which is an increase of 2,336 – this includes 320,409 resolved cases and 7,351 reported deaths. To date 311,248 individuals are fully vaccinated.

Reopening Ontario (A Flexible Response to COVID-19) Act, 2020 (ROA) remains in effect.

Public Health Sudbury & Districts is in the Grey – Lockdown zone.

Local Update

  • Sudbury & Districts Public Health Unit – 340
  • 26,595 individuals have received there first vaccine dose and there are 2,740 individuals fully vaccinated.

Health Facilities in outbreak:

  • Extendicare Falconbridge
  • Health Sciences North (7B North Tower)
  • Salvation Army Cedar Place, YMCA Warming Centre, Samaritan Centre Resource Program and Homelessness Network Day Centre
  • Christian Horizons
  • St. Gabriel Villa

HSN is reporting 15 confirmed cases (8 ICU; 7 other unit)

In Closing…

We are in a different stage of our COVID-19 pandemic now than where we have been where we have safe and effective vaccines that are increasing the protection for all of us each and every day.  At the same time, we are facing an increase in clusters of new cases and outbreaks, including increasing cases caused by variants of concern. This is particularly concerning and requires all of us to continue to put our safety layers at the forefront of all we do – wear a mask, stay 2m away from anyone who is not in your household, wash your hands and follow the rules and precautions for our grey zone.

As we celebrate Easter this coming weekend, I would like to end with a Reflection for Easter issued by the Catholic Health Association:

“Joy and relief and tears. All at once. In so many moments of life, relief opens floodgates to feelings we were holding just under the surface. Hugging your family for the first time after quarantine. Finding out that test was negative. Ringing the bell after a last round of chemo. Conceiving after infertility. When long waits and hard journeys are over, so many feelings come in one moment. Imagine the wild intertwined emotions of the disciples seeing the empty tomb and resurrected Jesus.

Even now we see light through the darkness of the pandemic. We have vaccines. Spring returns and the Earth comes alive before our eyes. Even now God is turning our sorrow to joy, our desolation to a garden. Our hope for new life swells again, even if the threat is not fully diminished.”

God Bless and please have a Blessed Easter.


Please Remember…
Staying Healthy and Staying Safe, Safe Lives!