Kind words can be short and easy to speak, but their echos are truly endless.”  Mother Teresa

The Stay-at-Home order was lifted today in the Public Health Sudbury & District area and we were placed back into the framework under the “Orange -Restrict” zone effective today.

All public health regions will stay in their level for at least two weeks at which time, the government will assess the impact of public health and workplace safety measures to determine if the region should stay where they are or be moved to a different level. Public health regions will move up through the levels, if necessary, based on the set indicators and thresholds outlined in the Framework.

Shrove Tuesday

Today ends the season of Epiphany and is the vigil for the starting of Lent.  Viewed as a day of repentance, Shrove Tuesday has become the last day for celebration and feasting before the period of fasting.  In recognition of this event, all staff working can enjoy pancakes today.  Please see your site’s internal posting for specific details on where and when pancakes will be served.

Internal Updates

Surveillance Swabbing

All sites continue to swab all staff WEEKLY.  Please ensure to check your facility’s swabbing schedule to make sure that you do not miss the times and days at your site.

Please remain vigilant and immediately self-isolate and report any symptoms consistent with COVID-19 infection to your immediate supervisor.

The SJCCC/Clarion sites have navigated to a new Proof of Swabbing protocol. Effective immediately, the lobby deputies will be asking all staff entering the building to show their negative COVID-19 swab results within the previous 10 days.  You can either have it ready on your phone, or carry a print-out to show the lobby deputy.   For those staff who do not have an Ontario Health Care number please contact your Clinical Supervisor to discuss further:  Stephanie Aubry at the South Bay Road Site and Josiane Charbonneau at the Clarion site.  We know that there may be some hick ups along the way of which we will address as they arise.

The plan is to have everything in place the week of Feb 22th at which time all staff will be REQUIRED to show their negative COVID-19 swab results within the past 10 days to gain access to SJCCC at both the South Bay Road and Clarion sites.



To date, we have had no further communications from the Sudbury and District Public Health Unit on when we will be receiving further vaccines.  If you are wavering or still have questions about the vaccine please speak with your Supervisor who can direct you to where you can access the answers you are looking for.   Again I would like to encourage you all to please seriously consider getting the vaccine in order to protect not only yourself but also your loved ones, particularly those who are older and our patients and residents.


Respiratory Outbreak

I am pleased to report that the Respiratory Outbreak on 3rd Floor at the Clarion was declared over on February 11th, 2021.  Thank you so much to each and everyone one of you for all of your hard work during these times, it’s greatly appreciated.

Provincial Update

As of February 16, 2021, in Ontario, the cumulative total of confirmed cases is 287,736 which is an increase of 904 – this includes 269,413 resolved cases and 6,719 reported deaths.

  • Northern Ontario Active Cases
  • Algoma Public Health – 19
  • North Bay Parry Sound District Health Unit – 31
  • Northwestern Health Unit – 22
  • Porcupine Health Unit – 11
  • Sudbury & Districts Public Health Unit – 37
  • Timiskaming Health Unit – 1
  • Thunder Bay District Health Unit – 159

Local Update

A number of facilities remain in outbreak including the following:

  • Pioneer Manor
  • The Elizabeth Centre
  • Health Sciences North (6th Floor South and 6th floor south medical unit)
  • Finlandia Apartment Building of Finlandia Village expanded to Block B Palvelukoti
  • Amberwood Suites

HSN is reporting 6 confirmed cases (1 in ICU; 5 on another unit).

In Closing…

Whilst we continue to battle COVID, we can also now begin to imagine a post-COVID pandemic world, thanks to the amazing scientific advances on vaccine development.  We have a unique opportunity to shape this new world – to choose what we want to keep from our old world, and what we want to leave behind.  This is something to think about…

At this time, we all need to be there for each other.  Please take care of yourself, your co-workers, your friends and your family. On behalf of our entire senior team, please stay safe and stay healthy. We will push through these challenges times together supporting each other.

Thank you for all your continued dedication.  Please continue to be patient and kind.


Stay Healthy, Stay Safe, Safe Lives!

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