It is not the strongest of the species that survives, nor the most intelligent, but the one most responsive to change.”  – Charles Darwin

The most recent projections released by the Ministry of Health on April 8, 2021, based on current COVID-19 inpatient census growth trends and Science Table modelling, puts the province on a path to have nearly 3000 COVID patients in hospital; and nearly 1000 in ICU by April 30, 2021, as this third wave continues.

COVID-19 has presented us all with many difficult situations and increased stress, which can impact our mental health. As health care workers, the fear of bringing COVID-19 to work or home is very real.  During this time, it can be difficult to find the positive answers to these fears.

This has led to a more general awareness of how closely our physical and mental health is connected. Good mental health is essential, so please remember to take care of your mental health in the same way you care for your physical health.

Internal Updates

Facility COVID Outbreaks

Villa St. Gabriel Villa – A COVID outbreak was declared on March 12, 2021.  Updated communication is being circulated as it arises to all staff, residents, and family members who work, reside or attend at VSGV.  To date there are 11 confirmed positive cases – 6 residents, 8 staff and 1 caregiver.   All of these cases have now been resolved. 

Addition agency staffing from outside our catchment area continue to assist with the outbreak covering unfilled shifts.  We are grateful that our health system partners have stepped up to assist us during this stressful time.

I personally wish to thank all staff very much for your ongoing dedication and incredible efforts since the declaration of the outbreak. You have been rock stars in containing this outbreak!  Thank you.

St. Joseph’s Villa – A COVID outbreak was declared on April 5, 2021.   At this time, there are 2 confirmed positive staff members on the line list who are isolating at home.

Rapid antigen testing continues as previously scheduled as well as PCR testing as per the outbreak protocol.  Updated communication is being circulated as it arises to all staff, residents, and family members who work, reside or attend at SJV.  Please see your email for additional communications regarding additional precautions in place.

Surveillance Swabbing

SJCCC and the Clarion site continue to swab weekly.  Surveillance swabbing is now only being completed every Tuesday – at SJCCC from 10:30 a.m. – 2:30 p.m. and at the Clarion from 9:00 a.m. – 12:00 p.m.  A COVID-19 Virus Test Requisition has been circulated that can be prepopulated and printed prior to visiting the swabbing clinic.  Please ensure to check your email for the date and times of the swabbing clinics.

Vigilance is a key to safety! Immediately self-isolate and report any symptoms consistent with COVID-19 infection to your immediate supervisor.


Vaccines were delivered on April 9, 2021, to all patients at the SJCCC South Bay Road site and the Clarion site who were 60 years of age or older in line with the most recent communication for vaccine opportunities by Public Health for the Sudbury & District region.

I ask that you Please consider getting vaccinated.  It is critical to protecting yourself, your loved ones, and our most vulnerable individuals from COVID-19. Each additional person vaccinated brings us one step closer to eliminating COVID-19 from our facilities and our community.

Federal Update

As of April 15, 2021, across Canada, the cumulative total of confirmed cases is 1,087,152 of which 80,201 remain active.  To date there are 23,445 deaths recorded.

Provincial Update

As of April 15, 2021, in Ontario, the cumulative total of confirmed cases is 403,571 which is an increase of 4,736 – this includes 357,591 resolved cases and 7,639 reported deaths. To date 3,528,404 doses have been administered and 339,491 individuals are fully vaccinated.

A Provincial Stay-at-Home order was announced and went into effect on April 8, 2021.  This order and the provincial emergency shutdown order are in place for at least the next four weeks.

Local Update

  • Sudbury & Districts Public Health Unit – 215
  • 49,289 individuals have received their first vaccine dose and there are 6,729 individuals fully vaccinated.

Current Outbreaks in the PHSD Area

  • Jannatec Technologies
  • Glencore Fraser Mine
  • End of the Roll, Home & Haven Décor Studio Inc.
  • Centre Pivot du Triangle Magique, Azilda site
  • Joseph’s Villa
  • Trillium College
  • Private outdoor gathering
  • HSN 6th floor, North Tower
  • Sudbury Developmental Services Holland Road Site
  • Jubilee Heritage Daycare, Applegrove site
  • Maslack Supply, Falconbridge location
  • Vale Limited Coleman Mine, Creighton Mine, Contractor, Administration building & underground mine site Garson Mine
  • Gabriel Villa

HSN is reporting 21 confirmed cases (6 ICU; 16 other units)

In Closing…

COVID has brought the world to a halt like nothing else could. Our minds are still racing back and forth, longing for a return to ‘normality,’ trying to stitch our future to our past and refusing to acknowledge the change we need to make.

However, the need to change exists.

And in the midst of these feelings, we are offered a chance to rethink what “normality” will mean to each of us in our personal lives, in our workplace lives and, in our community, on a go forward basis.

Please Take this stay-at-home order as a time to try to accept and plan what your future will look like.

As always, please Remember to continue to put on your safety layers – wear a mask, stay 2m away from anyone who is not in your household, wash your hands and follow the rules and precautions for the Provincial stay at home order imposed.

Staying Healthy and Staying Safe, Safe Lives!