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Staff Celebrated at Annual Staff Recognition and Perfect Attendance Event 2016

May 25, 2016 – St. Joseph’s Health Centre, St. Joseph’s Continuing Care Centre, St. Joseph’s Villa and Villa St. Gabriel staff gathered for an evening of festivities to celebrate their years of service and perfect attendance.

Jo-Anne Palkovits, President and CEO / Administrator stated, “It is clear to me that over the years, you have upheld and continue to maintain our values of service, integrity, dignity and excellence. Truly, the sum of all your time, effort and devotion has resulted in the continued success of St. Joseph’s Health Centre, St. Joseph’s Continuing Care Centre, St. Joseph’s Villa and Villa St. Gabriel Villa and for this, I thank you!”

Perfect attendance 2016

employee recognition 2016 SJV.

employee recognition 2016 SJHC

employee recognition 2016 SJCCC



The St. Joseph’s Health Centre’s “Caring Beyond the Moment” team supports the Heart and Stroke Big Bike Event


Big Bike 2016

May 19, 2016 – Jo-Anne Palkovits, President and CEO thanked staff who participated and/or donated towards this year’s Heart and Stroke Big Bike team  – “Caring Beyond the Moment”.

The event was a great success.  The team raised $4021.00, nearly doubling last year’s amount and won the award for best “team spirit”.  Congratulations and great team work toward a worthwhile community event.

St. Joseph’s Villa Staff – Hand Hygiene Infection Control Champions!

SJV Hand Hygiene Infection Control Champions! May 2016

May 18, 2016 – St. Joseph’s Villa (Gardenway) staff receive the annual “Most Improved” and the “Best Overall” Hand Hygiene Infection Control Championship Award with a 99% compliance rate.

The evidence based Just Clean Your Hands program, launched by the Ministry of Health and Long Term Care in 2008 which was developed to help reduce health care-associated infections, has become a friendly competition between St. Joseph’s Villa, St. Joseph’s Continuing Care Centre and Villa St. Gabriel Villa staff.

St. Joseph’s Continuing Care Centre’s level 1 and 2 tied for second place – best overall with a compliance rate of 96%.  St. Joseph’s Villa’s Hillcrest and Sunnyside neighbourhoods tied for 3rd place with a compliance rate of 95%

St. Joseph’s Villa’s Lakeview and Sunnyside neighbourhoods tied for second place for most improved.  St. Joseph’s Villa’s Hillcrest neighbourhood came in third place.

Congratulations to our winners and thank you to all staff for “Just Cleaning Your Hands!” stated Jo-Anne Palkovits, President and CEO, St. Joseph’s Health Centre.   Practicing hand hygiene is a simple yet effective way to prevent infections.  Cleaning your hands can prevent the spread of germs, including those that are resistant to antibiotics and are becoming more difficult, if not impossible, to treat.  Over the past years, our organizations have implemented strategies to increase our hand hygiene compliance rates.  The data demonstrates that our strategies have and continue to be very successful.

National Volunteer Week April 10-16, 2016


THANK YOU for being the “roots of strong communities” and for “Caring…beyond the Moment“!



governance photo

Governance Volunteers

Volunteer Appreciation 2016_South Bay site photo

South Bay Site Volunteers (St. Joseph’s Continuing Care Centre & St. Joseph’s Villa)

Volunteer Appreciation 2016_VSGV photo

Villa St. Gabriel Villa Site Volunteers


The Life Enrichment Departments of St. Joseph’s Villa and Villa St. Gabriel’s Villa have officially moved into the 21st century!

(Sudbury) March 14, 2016

In March, four Apple I-Pads were introduced into recreational programming at each site to augment the existing cognitive, physical and emotional programming.  Residents are not only learning about the internet and the new world of “tablets” they are also taking advantage of the multitude of educational and intellectual “apps” available that promotes brain health and emotional well-being.

“The Life Enrichment Department has always provided a wide variety of social and physical activities designed to entertain residents, maintain social skills as well as improve the physical health and functional abilities of those admitted to long-term care.” stated Ms. Palkovits, Administrator of St. Joseph’s Villa and Villa St. Gabriel Villa.       Introducing the I-Pads has allowed residents to take advantage of the ease of current technology and enabled recreation staff to focus on increasing cognitive programming beyond crossword puzzles, word finds and bingo.  Residents now have access to math and spelling applications, memory and recall games, both visual and audio.  Sensory applications and specialized trivia games for residents with dementia such as “Best Guess” created by DementiAbility are also available and in use.   Besides the numerous cognitive applications available, physical apps such as chair yoga and Tai chi for seniors are also accessible if a resident wanted to complete an individual routine outside of a large group program.  Along with the I-Pod program, the I-Pads are similarly used for personalized music programs, providing residents with personalized playlists of their favorite music that offers a visual component as well.

The portability of the I-Pads has enabled Life Enrichment staff to not only increase bedside programs for residents who do not enjoy attending group programs, but more importantly, improve their quality of life with so many unique apps that can appeal to each resident’s distinct interests and past hobbies. The Villas are grateful to family members who made donations in order for this program to happen.


i-pad pic 2

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Sisters of St. Joseph of Sault Ste. Marie Awards for Excellence (SJV)

The Sisters of St. Joseph of Sault Ste. Marie Award for Excellence is a very prestigious award in that it is a Legacy Award building on the history of the good works of the Sisters in Sudbury who founded the Sudbury General Hospital of the Immaculate Heart of Mary in 1950.  This work continues in our ability to live out our Mission and how we respond to the needs of our residents, patients, volunteers, visitors and staff at St. Joseph’s Continuing Care Centre, St. Joseph’s Health Centre, St. Joseph’s Villa and Villa St. Gabriel Villa.

St. Joseph’s Villa Recipients 2015-16

Karla Newcombe, PCA

Melanie Seguin, RN

Dawson Steen, LEA

Louise Quenville, EAS



from  left to right:  Jo-Anne Palkovits, Administrator, Karla Newcombe, Melanie Seguin, Dawson Steen and Louise Quenville
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