What says Happy Mother’s Day better than a “Glam Shot” of each of our VSGV ladies?

With the Mother’s Day deadline looming just around the corner, a team of novice studio photographers accomplished an incredible Mother’s Day miracle. While snapping and then culling dozens of “shots,” and then, editing and colour-correcting the digital proofs, and then printing, trimming and delivering the portraits turned this “Action, Camera, Lights” project into a five-day super-marathon, the “busy work” wasn’t the real miracle. Let me explain.

This Mother’s Day miracle occurred at the point of human connection: prepping our moms for the photographs and declaring the obvious, “You look beautiful!” Our beloved residents know well what it’s like to have a portrait taken. It’s muscle memory for our ladies ––the family portraits on their bedroom walls are proof.

Villa St Gabriel Villa Staff wearing Masks OutsideHonouring our beloved VSGV women with the spotlight of our makeshift studio worked wonders. I witnessed joy erupt as smiles and laughter from the depths of souls. On this sacred occasion, the actual miracle work was caring beyond the moment for Mothers. The genuine miracle workers were a novice photography crew, experts at caring well and divining joy. Angie Brunet, Josee Park, Terrie Lynn Jolette, Renee Lalonde (and excellent neighbourhood staff), YOU are indeed miraculous.

We conjured the wonder of joy with every snap-of-the-camera; true beauty. The miracles are irrefutable––proof beyond a doubt. Just ask one of our beloved residents to show you their Mother’s Day pictures. This labour of love was a good reminder: Regardless of the season of life, eyes of love are the only suitable viewfinder to perceive, La vie est belle!

Rev. David Long

SHP/Chaplain at Villa  St. Gabriel Villa