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Make a Wish Program Recipient at Villa St. Gabriel Villa

August 2016

Make a wish VSGVaugust 2016

At Villa St. Gabriel Villa, Ray Marcotte’s wish came true thanks to the generosity of a Chelmsford car dealership.  Ray’s wish to go for a car ride to get ice-cream with the windows rolled down listening to tunes became a reality on Wednesday August 17th.  Ray got much more than what he had asked for thanks to Josée Belanger-Leroux and Belanger Ford.  Not only were the windows rolled down, the roof was rolled back as well for Ray’s ride in a 2016 ford convertible mustang, courtesy of Belanger Ford.   As a young man who grew up blind, Ray’s family members would often take him out for ice-cream, with Ray fondly remembering the wind blowing against his face during the ride listening to his favorite country music.  Joining Ray on his special day was his brother-in-law, his primary care giver Nicole Young as well as Ray Ingriselli, Site Administrator of Villa St. Gabriel Villa.  The group went for a ride to Lively, then back to Chelmsford Dairy Queen where the staff assisted to make Ray’s special treat.  The residents and staff of Villa St. Gabriel Villa also gathered to send Ray off.

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Make a Wish Program Recipient at St. Joseph’s Villa

August 2016

Make a wish SJV august 2016

August 9th was a special day for St. Joseph’s Villa resident Albert Lamirande.  It is the day his wish came true through St. Joseph’s Health Centres’ Make a Wish Program.  In July it was announced that Albert’s wish of spending the afternoon in downtown Sudbury and ending the evening with a nice dinner had been chosen as this years’ winning wish.  The Make a Wish Program was introduced at St. Joseph’s Health Centre in 2015 in an effort to enrich the lives of residents and patients by providing opportunity for unique and meaningful life experiences or a new opportunity.  Albert’s wish held significance in that as a younger man he spent a lot of time downtown and he had wanted to see how much it had changed over the years.  Albert visited a number of different downtown locations throughout the afternoon including the Rainbow Centre, splash pad, took in a movie and ended the evening with a steak dinner at the Keg with St. Joseph’s Villa Staff Allanah O’Brien and his niece and nephew.  Earlier in the day a special lunch was also provided to Albert and his primary care giver Jessica Peerla.  Mr. Lamirande was totally thrilled and sated at the end of the day.

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