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The Monique Landry-Sabourin Memorial Fund

The Monique Landry-Sabourin Memorial Fund was launched in December 2013.

Monique Landry-Sabourin

Monique Landry-Sabourin

The St. Joseph’s Foundation of Sudbury was honoured to launch the Fonds commémoratif Monique Landry-Sabourin Memorial Fund in memory of former St. Joseph’s Health Centre Board member Monique Landry-Sabourin who passed away in September 2013.

Due to the generosity of Pascal Sabourin and family, they have created a memorial fund to honour Mme. Landry-Sabourin’s legacy with the organization. The family graciously donated $25,000 to start the fund which has been established to support initiatives at Villa St. Gabriel Villa in Chelmsford, Ontario.

Monique Landry-Sabourin’s roots runs deep with the St. Joseph’s Health Centre organization. Mrs. Landry-Sabourin joined the St. Joseph’s Health Centre’s Board of Directors in 2002. In 2003, she was appointed Vice-Chair and from 2005-2007 she was Chair of the Board. During her tenure from 2002 to 2011, Mrs. Landry-Sabourin oversaw the development of St. Joseph’s Villa, a 128-bed long-term care home; St. Joseph’s Continuing Care Centre, a 64-bed complex continuing care hospital; and Villa St. Gabriel Villa, a 128-bed long-term care home located in Chelmsford, Ontario.

Mrs. Landry-Sabourin played an integral role in seeing Villa St. Gabriel Villa come to fruition. As part of the Board’s mandate to meet the unmet needs in the community, she and Board members identified the need to build a new long-term care home in Chelmsford community of the City of Greater Sudbury.

Mrs. Landry-Sabourin was instrumental in negotiating the land deal. She met with Mr. Gabriel Belanger and brought forth the proposal to build in Chelmsford. Villa St. Gabriel opened its doors in March 2011 to 128 residents. Mrs. Landry-Sabourin had the foresight and fortitude to see this project to fruition and for this the organization is truly grateful.

“The St. Joseph’s Foundation is most grateful to the Sabourin family for establishing a fund honouring the memory of their beloved wife and mother. This fund will allow Villa St. Gabriel Villa to benefit for years to come”, stated Melanie Kanerva, Chair, St. Joseph’s Foundation.

“Mrs. Landry-Sabourin’s family has chosen to recognize Monique and her contributions to the community and most specifically Villa St. Gabriel through a Memorial Fund under the auspices of the St. Joseph’s Foundation. All of the dollars raised through these funds will go to specific projects and equipment for the Villa residents as chosen by the family on a yearly basis. On behalf of the organization and the residents we serve, I would like to thank the Sabourin family and donors for their generosity”, stated Jo-Anne Palkovits, President and CEO/Administrator.

Donations to the Fonds commémoratif Monique Landry-Sabourin Memorial Fund can be made by contacting the St. Joseph’s Foundation at 705-674-4447 or 1250 South Bay Road, Sudbury, Ontario P3E 6L9.

Le Fonds commémoratif Monique Landry-Sabourin

Le Fonds commémoratif Monique Landry-Sabourin lancé en Décembre 2013.

La Fondation St-Joseph de Sudbury a l’honneur de lancer le Fonds commémoratif Monique Landry-Sabourin, à la mémoire d’une ancienne membre du Conseil d’administration du Centre de santé St-Joseph, Monique Landry-Sabourin, décédée le 11 septembre 2013.

Grâce à la générosité de Pascal Sabourin et de sa famille, ce fonds commémoratif a été mis sur pied pour souligner l’héritage que Monique Landry-Sabourin a laissé au Centre de santé St-Joseph au cours de ses neuf années de service bénévole au Conseil d’administration. À l’occasion du lancement de ce fonds, la famille a fait un don initial de 25 000 $ qui servira à financer des projets à la Villa St-Gabriel de Chelmsford, Ontario.

L’engagement de Monique Landry-Sabourin au sein du Centre de santé St-Joseph a été profond et indéfectible. Nommée au Conseil d’administration du Centre en 2002, elle en devint vice-présidente dès 2003, puis présidente de 2005 à 2007. Au cours de son mandat au Conseil qui s’est échelonné de 2002 à 2011, Monique Landry-Sabourin a participé au développement de la Villa St-Joseph, une maison de soins de longue durée de 128 lits; du Centre de soins continus St-Joseph, un établissement de soins hospitaliers de 64 lits; et de la Villa St-Gabriel, une maison de soins prolongés de 128 lits située à Chelmsford.

Madame Landry-Sabourin a joué un rôle clé dans la réalisation du projet de la Villa St-Gabriel. Dans le cadre du mandat du Conseil qui consistait à répondre aux besoins de la communauté, Monique Landry-Sabourin et les autres membres du Conseil ont conclu qu’il fallait construire un nouvel établissement de soins prolongés dans la localité de Chelmsford, dans la ville du Grand Sudbury. Monique Landry-Sabourin a rencontré M. Gabriel Bélanger afin que ce dernier fasse le don du terrain, puis elle a proposé au Conseil de construire le nouvel établissement à Chelmsford. La Villa St-Gabriel a accueilli ses premiers résidents en mars 2011. Monique Landry-Sabourin a fait preuve de vision et de détermination en menant ce projet jusqu’à son terme et, pour cela, le Centre de santé St-Joseph lui est très reconnaissant.

« La Fondation St-Joseph de Sudbury est extrêmement reconnaissante envers la famille Sabourin pour avoir créé ce fonds qui honore la mémoire de Monique Landry-Sabourin. Ce fonds permettra à la Villa St-Gabriel de bénéficier de ressources additionnelles pour des années à venir », a déclaré Melanie Kanerva, présidente de la Fondation St-Joseph de Sudbury.

« La famille de Monique Landry-Sabourin a choisi de reconnaître les réalisations de Monique dans la communauté, et plus particulièrement son rôle dans l’établissement de la Villa St-Gabriel, en créant un fonds commémoratif placé sous les auspices de la Fondation St-Joseph. La totalité des dons faits à ce fonds servira à financer des projets et de l’équipement que la famille aura choisis chaque année. Au nom
de notre organisme et de nos résidents, je désire remercier la famille Sabourin et les donateurs pour leur générosité », a ajouté Jo-Anne Palkovits, présidente, directrice générale et administratrice du Centre de santé St-Joseph.

Les personnes intéressées peuvent faire un don au Fonds commémoratif Monique Landry-Sabourin en communiquant avec la Fondation St-Joseph au 705-674-4447 ou en envoyant leur don au 1250 South Bay Road, Sudbury, Ontario P3E 6L9.

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St. Joseph’s Villa Celebrates 10 Years!

St. Joseph’s Villa of Sudbury celebrated its 10th year anniversary on December 1, 2013. In honour of this momentous occasion, dignitaries, residents, family members, staff and volunteers attended a special mass and celebratory event held on November 29, 2013.

His Excellency Most Reverend Jean-Louis Plouffe of the Diocese of Sault Ste. Marie provided a special mass in recognition of St. Joseph’s Villa’s 10th anniversary. A host of dignitaries and special guests including: Sr. Sarah Quackenbush, Sister of St. Joseph of Sault Ste. Marie; Marianne Matichuk, Mayor of the City of Greater Sudbury; and Glenn Thibeault, MP Sudbury, along with current and former Board members, community partners and supporters were in attendance.
Jo-Anne Palkovits, Administrator took the opportunity to also thank those in the building and ongoing oversight of St. Joseph’s Villa and added “the most important and heartfelt gratitude that I have today is for our residents. You are the reason we are here today and every day for the past 10 years”.

Since its opening on December 1, 2003, St. Joseph’s Villa has had many firsts and acknowledgements:

  • a successful three-year accreditation by Accreditation Canada in November 2012;
  •  has maintained a balanced budget for 10 consecutive years;
  • has successfully recruited top notch an caring staff;
  •  has a 99% occupancy rate;
  •  the creation of the Guardian Angel program, our palliative care program which was just this month received the OHA’s Small Rural, Northern Ontario’s Award of Excellence for clinical excellence;
  •  the development of 2 Healing Gardens with the assistance of the St. Joseph’s Foundation, students and volunteers to allow our resident the opportunity to enjoy outdoor spaces and garden;
  •  the establishment of a partnership with Laurentian Universities that have led to the numerous student placements as well as research projects related to PIECXES, music therapy and palliative care; and
  • the celebration of many special birthdays and anniversaries of our residents.

Ehren Baldauf, Chair of St. Joseph’s Villa Board of Directors stated, “As a Board we feel honoured that we have been able to build on the tradition of the Sisters of Sault Ste. Marie by meeting the unmet need in the community and rising to the challenge of funding, building and operating this beautiful home – a home that 128 residents at any given time call home.”

In recognition of the 10th Anniversary, the St. Joseph’s Foundation presented a cheque to St. Joseph’s Villa in the amount of $10,000. Since the Foundation’s resurrection in 2002 under the guise of Gerry Lougheed Jr., Sr. Bonnie MacLellan and Jeanne Warwick-Conroy we have been fortunate to work with the community to raise much needed dollars for the Villa and the residents served. “The Foundation looks forward to working with you for at least another 10 years”, stated Gale Prosperi, St. Joseph’s Foundation member.

Information: Tanya Gil-Alfau, Executive Assistant / Board Liaison 705-674-2846 ext. 2104

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St. Joseph’s Continuing Care Centre Wins Big


St. Joseph’s Continuing Care Centre wins big at the Ontario Hospital Association Health Achieve Conference in Toronto

St. Joseph’s Continuing Care Centre of Sudbury, the only stand-alone complex continuing care hospital in the North East, was honoured twofold this week at the Ontario Hospital Association’s Annual Health Achieve Conference in Toronto.

The Ontario Hospital Association’s Small, Rural and Northern Provincial Leadership Council announced that the St. Joseph’s Continuing Care Centre’s Guardian Angel Program submission was chosen as this year’s winner of the OHA’s Small Rural and Northern Health Award for Excellence. This prestigious award recognizes innovation, leadership and excellence in the delivery of patient care within a small, rural and/or northern community.

SJCCC developed and implemented the Guardian Angel Program in response to an identified need in the kind care and support being offered to patients whose deaths were expected in the next 10 to 14 days and the care and support offered to families and staff members in the days following the patients death. The program enhances the patient’s end of life experience, the family’s satisfaction, and the quality of care they receive while they are keeping vigil and while they are grieving.

“We are truly honoured by this award. Our staff have worked diligently in developing this program which was also implemented at our sister facilities, St. Joseph’s Villa and Villa St. Gabriel Villa. In addition, the SJCCC’s Guardian Angel Program is part of a five-year research project being led by the Centre for Education and Research and Aging and Health (CERAH). The aim of the research project is to identify and implement components of a successful palliative care program in each of the participating long-term care homes”, explained Jo-Anne Palkovits, President and CEO.

Secondly, the Ontario Hospital Association and the Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care awarded St. Joseph’s Continuing Care Centre with the 2013 Quality Health Care Workplace Award – Bronze category. This award recognizes the organization’s efforts to improve SJCCC’s workplace in ways that contribute to the healthcare providers’ quality of work life and the quality of care and services they deliver. Ms. Palkovits indicated that “this recognition reinforces our organization’s efforts to improve the quality of work life for all our staff and physicians through our Caring Beyond the Moment initiative”. SJCCC was commended for its commitment to ensuring a quality healthcare workplace.

Ehren Baldauf, Board Chair of the St. Joseph’s Continuing Care Centre, commented that he is “very proud of the SJCCC and the awards that it has received today. It is apparent that a lot of work has been done within the SJCCC since its inception 4 years ago. The Board compliments the management team, staff and physicians for their heartfelt commitment to our patients and those we serve.”

Your collective dedication to St. Joseph’s Continuing Care Centre has earned us these noteworthy merits. On behalf of the Board of Directors and the management team, thank you for… Caring Beyond the Moment.

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St. Joseph’s Villa Healing Garden Partnership

Homes for Lilies, Hostas, Hydrangeas!

Linda Hache Master Gardener

Linda Haché, master gardener and volunteer with St. Joseph’s Villa and St. Joseph’s Continuing Care Centre.

St. Joseph’s Villa partners with local community organizations to find homes for their abundant lot of perennials.

St. Joseph’s Villa is in the midst of renovating their dementia unit’s healing garden, located in the centre core of the 128-bed long-term care home on South Bay Road. The original garden had been home to various perennials over the last 10 years. The garden will be rebuilt this fall to accommodate a new low- maintenance, open concept, senior friendly, wheelchair and walker accessible garden.

Linda Haché, master gardener and volunteer with St. Joseph’s Villa and St. Joseph’s Continuing Care Centre, has been coordinating the donations with the Sudbury Horticulture Society and with VETAC, the City of Greater Sudbury’s Re-greening Committee. Students from local community schools attended throughout the week to help remove the plants which found homes at l’École catholique Notre Dame, in Hanmer, l’École publique Helene Gravelle, Carl A. Nesbitt Public School and Ernie Checkeris Public School. These transplanted perennials will contribute to the schools’ green spaces and school yards. Ms. Haché, in conjunction with the Sudbury Horticultural Society, was also able to generously transplant lilies and hostas to their new home in the gardens of Maison Vale Hospice.

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